Hopi Indian Reservation 

On my way to the Hopi reservation i didn't know what it was going to be like. Once I got there everything I expected was blown away. Every single person i met they were so kind hearted. The people we were staying with there names were Lee and Diana. They have three kids named Sonny, Makenzey, Nathan, and Vivian. During the trip the males made there own wooden tops and the females weaved baskets. Every night Diana Made "Sleepy Time" tea I don't remember what it was really called but it made us all sleep good. We helped Lee clear up his field so he can plant his next crop of corn. I got sick during the trip and Diana took care of me like i was one of her own kid. The next day i was feeling 100% better. The class went to one of the Hopi ceremony and watched all the people dance to the beat of the drums. This was a once in a lifetime experience i will never forget.