All About Me

I am

I am a Hispanic male

 I am from a great a caring family

I am a fun and outgoing guy

I am lazy at times

I am 18 years old

I am funny

I am lover not a hater

I am a beer pong champ

I am a good drawer

I am an all around badass

Grandparents and Mom

My mom is Antoinette, she is 36. She was born in Leadville, Colorado. She had a twin brother named Anthony. She works as a pharmacy tech in the New Castle city market. I don’t really know my dad; I’ve only met him twice on my life. My Grandma’s name is Anita Esquibel; she is 63, born in La Madera, New Mexico. She is the hardest working woman I know. Without her I honestly don’t know where I’d b right now. She has been taking care of me since I was 3 months old and I love her more then anything in this world. My grandpa is Andy Esquibel; he is 67, born in Petaca, New Mexico. He has worked hard his whole life. He used to work in the mines in Leadville, Gilman, and Redstone. He also worked on the railroad tracks. My grandpa has also fought for our freedom with the U.S. Army in the Vietnam War. Now he has been working for the Re-2 school district for 20 years. In his free time he rebuilds classic cars.


I have two sisters; their names are Allison and Lauren. My sister Allison is 16. I don’t really get to see her very often but her and me are very close and get along very easily. She’s kind of a mini me, she listens to the same music and me and we are very alike. My other sister is Lauren she is 12, I barely see her 4 times a year. She is very smart and funny and she sings for her church choir. Even though I barely see her we still get along. That’s my sisters and I love them very much

Pivotal Moment

One year during my 6th grade fall break my grandma and I had to go feed out horse at our ranch 13 miles out of New Castle. As we were driving up there my grandma started complaining that her chest was hurting but she didn’t anything of it. About 5 miles away from out ranch my grandma was in so much pain she had to park on the side of the road. She said the left side of body was hurting. Then I remembered from my health class the symptoms of a heart attack. I started to cry from realizing what was happening to my grandma. I told my grandma that I had to go find help. I get out of the car and ran a half-mile to the nearest house and called 911. It took over an hour for the ambulance to get there. Once the got there they put her on a stretcher and took her to Valley View Hospital in Glenwood Springs. That was the scariest moment in my whole life. Today my grandma is healthy ad better then ever.


Beer Pong



Video Games


My Dogs

Black Metal



Going to Concerts

Hanging out With Friends

The Rain


Watching Football

Tech N9ne

Hot Pockets


Getting my Ass Beat at video games

Losing Important Stuff

Cutting down Rainforests

When Michael Jackson Died

The Gulf Oil Spill



I have many strengths and here are some of them. I am easy to talk to and easy to get along with. I’m always making new friends and I never judge people. I’m very loyal to my friends and family, if they needed anything I’d be there in a second to give it to them. I know how to take care of myself. I can cook and to top it off I’m one hell of an artist


Even though I have a lot of talents I also have quite a few weaknesses as well and here are some of them. I’m a little lazy. It takes a lot to get me motivated to do stuff I don’t want to. I’m also VERY forgetful. Sometimes when my grandma tells me to do something I forget and she gets mad at me. I’m also a procrastinator; I wait until the last minute to finish important stuff.


To me beauty is something that leaves a lasting impression in tour mind. It could be anything from a drawing to rainbow appearing out of the clouds after a rainy day. Beauty is just something you don’t forget


Friendship is one of the most important things to have. To have friendship you must have trust, if you don’t trust your friend then there is no point. You and your friend usually have the same things in common like your music, T.V. shows, video games, and e.t.c. A real friend is someone you can go to and talk to them about anything, without being judged or looked at differently.

3 Characteristics Of A Good Parent

The parent has to actually be there for their kid and pay attention. Don’t just sit there and leave your kid to fend for himself. Second, you need to know how to talk to them. If you don’t talk to your kids they will find out on there own most of the time that happens with drugs. Third and most important is you have to tell and show your kid you love them. Tell them everyday as much as you can. To me, these are important characteristics of a good parent.

Ingredients To Future Happiness

To be happy all you really have to do is what your heart says. Don’t let anyone tell you that you cant do it, as long as it’s what you want to do. If you want to travel the world, do it! A little money wouldn’t hurt either.



My Family



Being Fed Everyday

Somewhere to Live

Being Loved


My Friends


Toilets and Toilet Paper



Joseph Esquibel

0371 Apple Dr

New Castle, CO 81647

Career Objective:

I want to go to college to become a music producer or a graphic artist



Yampah Mtn. High School

695 Red Mtn. Dr

Glenwood Springs, CO 81601


Coal Ridge High School

Work Experience:

Because of the economic downturn I have been unable to find gainful employment in this valley, though I have handed in numerous applications. It is very important for me to find a job and I am confident that I will be employed soon.

Hobbies and Interest:

Art, meeting new people, and making music


Rick Woolcott, Yampah High School Teacher


Letter Of Reference


Code Of Ethics 

I Believe:

·     You should treat others the way you want to be treated

·     You should love life and live it to the fullest

·     Do what you want to do no matter what anyone tells you

·     Say please and thank you

·     And most importantly don’t procrastinate